Sunday, December 7, 2008

Alex Quote

Alex: Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!

Me: Who's birthday is it?

Alex: Yours, Mommy!

Me: I know! I'm excited! Are you going to get me a present?

Alex: Yes...a BIG train!

Me: Awesome!

Monday, December 1, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

Happy Monday to you all! I'm in a small depression after having hubs home with me for the last 7 days. When no one was around to change Blake's diaper this morning, I decided the smell had permeated the house enough and I figured it would be just plain cruel to leave him in it until Paul came home. So here's to another "Not Me!" Monday! Check out MckMama's blog for more!

While eating lunch in the kitchen, I most certainly did not see my three year old bend over to wipe his nose on the table. That would have been gross and I of course teach my children manners. They never wipe their mouths on their shirts, throw food they don't want on the floor, or chunk sippy cups at my head. So there is no possible way he wiped his nose on my table! Don't laugh...seriously, I teach them manners!

I did not find already chewed purple gum spread all over the train table and underneath the track. I did not ask Alex where the gum came from. He certainly did not tell me that hubs left it on his bedside table. And when I didn't ask Alex why he put it on the track? He surely didn't tell me he was trying to use it to keep the pieces sticking together. And I absolutely, positively was not secretly proud of the little fella for being so ingenious in his problem solving!

Nope, not me! I'm not that Mom!!!

And last, I was NOT completely overwhelmed this week by the love in our families.

I didn't LOVE seeing Matt and Kaitlyn for 4 days, even if we did spend the majority of it laughing at each other doing the Wii Fit. Gotta burn off that turkey!

I didn't LOVE making pies for Steph's Homeless Dinner or visiting with her and her friends.

I definitely didn't LOVE seeing my boys wrestle and tumble with my family. Certainly didn't LOVE seeing the looks on my in-laws faces when we, as a surprise, put up their outdoor Christmas decorations for them and didn't LOVE sharing a Thanksgiving Mexican meal in Tucker. We didn't have a blast playing trains with Big Papa. And my heart did not MELT when I saw my 3-year old give up 2 of his favorite snakes to a baby (3 months old) that didn't have a home or toys. I didn't LOVE putting up our beautiful Christmas tree with hubs, in the quiet of the evening with a good glass of wine. And I didn't LOVE hearing sweet Blakey laugh uncontrollably when we wrestled.

I really didn't enjoy this last week at all!

Oh, wait! Yes, I did all those things. I was that Mom!