Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boys and Trains

I will never understand. I don't think I'm meant to. Paul understands. He gets it. He sees it. All three of them. Together. It bonds them. Alex talks about it all day long. He tells strangers in the pediatrician's waiting room about his train. "No, it's not a passenger train, it's the Express," he corrects a man who was polite enough to indulge him in his passion. What???

Paul just put together our electric train in the playroom. It's usually brought out after Thanksgiving with the Christmas tree, but Paul wanted to do it a little earlier this year and now I understand why. All you have to do is look at their faces. All three of them. They are in amazement. Each one captivated. Around and around and around. Watching. Waiting for it to reappear from behind the couch. Pressing the horn over and over. Changing the path of the train. Paul loves it. Alex LOVES it. Blakey LOVES it. Mommy doesn't get it.

But, I do get that it bonds them and I LOVE that. My children have a "thing" with their dad and I LOVE that. They have other "things" but this is one that the three of them have together. That they look forward to Paul walking through the door even more than they did before and I LOVE that. Just to be able to do the train with Daddy because it's just not the same with Mommy. They know that I love doing it with them, but not the way Daddy does. That is just between my boys, and I LOVE that.

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Rachel said...

I love your blog! Tom would be so jealous. Last year for Taylor's birthday she got trains because Tom really wanted to get them for her, or for him- not really sure. Anyway she did enjoy them for a week or so and then it was back to the pretend food and tea parties again. So, if you ever need a tea party kind of day just come on over and I may be sending Tom over to get his "train fix."